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3 Body Positive Tips for Buying a Swimsuit

We've all heard the advice from friends, family members, and salespeople and seen it on the cover of every magazine—shop for your shape. The advice is tossed around all year round regarding every type of clothing. There's so much advice about the best denim, skirts, button-up shirts according to your body shape, summing up an infinite number of body shapes into a handful of fixed categories with tips for 'enhancing positive features' or 'minimizing problem areas.'

Here are some tips to help you feel your best as you show off your beautiful body in a gorgeous swimsuit without worrying about the toxic 'rules' governing fashion:

Be realistic

Think about what you're actually planning on using your swimsuit for. You'll need different styles of suits depending on whether you want to swim laps in a pool, play beach volleyball, or just get your tan on. For example, a bandeau top can look amazing while soaking up some sun on the beach, and it prevents visible tan lines! But it's probably not the best option for going to a water park with many rides—you don't want to embarrass yourself with a wardrobe malfunction.

Be honest about what you want

Whether you want to rock a tankini or a plus-size bikini, it's completely your choice. Don't be restricted by what you should wear. Think about what you want to wear and go from there. However, if your dream bikini doesn't make you feel comfortable and confident in public, you're probably never going to wear it at all. Don't waste your cute bathing suits—buy something that's a healthy mixture between feeling confident and getting out of your comfort zone to try out different styles that you find pretty.

Embrace separates

There are no rules to mixing and matching tops and bottoms for bathing suits. You might fit perfectly into a cute bikini top, but the bottom might sag around your waist while you struggle to get it up your thighs in the first place. Think about your body's actual shape and tackle your problems accordingly! Just because stores put together and sell two-piece bikinis doesn't mean you have to get the entire set as it is. You can wear two different pieces in different sizes, styles, or even from different stores.

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