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3 Ways To Style A Scarf

Scarves are an ideal clothing item to style with any outfit. Especially during winters, scarves become an important clothing accessory as you can style them in many fashionable ways.

One of the fascinating aspects of scarves is that they’re not costly at all and make a great outfit enhancer as well.

No matter how many scarves you store in your closet, they’ll always be going to seem less because you can pair any one of those with any outfit. Besides that, it’s the ideal way to give your old outfit a new look.

If you’re a student or an employee, scarves can be your lifesaver as you can repeat outfits while wearing different scarves.

Other than that, scarves aren’t only limited to the winter season. The warm and dark-colored ones can be worn during winters; the light-colored and printed scarfs can be used during summers.

Following are some of the ways you can style a scarf easily while looking elegant and chic:

As a Cape

When it’s too cold to step outside, wear your heavy woolen scarf as a cape, and you’re good to go. It not only looks trendy but is also the perfect way to keep your body warm.

You can wear your scarf as a cape whether you’re heading out to get a coffee or going for a formal dinner.

The fascinating part of this style is that it’s so easy to make and pull off. All you’ve got to do is throw the scarf over your shoulders and tie it to your waist with a belt.

A woman wearing a back hat and jacket while standing in the snow


This way of styling is ideal for pairing with all kinds of outerwear. Whether it’s a shrug or a sweater, infinity scarves look good both ways.

Tie both ends of the scarf either in a knot or pin it and wear it around your neck.

Head Scarf

Whether you’re having a bad hair day or you’re going camping, a headscarf is a way to go! If you’ve got a large rectangle or square scarf, take both ends of the smaller side, tie a knot, and wear it over your head in whichever angle you like.

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