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4 Ways To Add A Pop Of Color In Your Winter Outfit

When we imagine a winter wardrobe, the main things that come to mind are black, navy, and other neutral colors. We don’t usually associate colorful and bright outfits with winter clothing, but there’s no rule that you can only wear dark colors just because it’s cold! A nice pop of color in your dark winter outfit can be the equivalent of light in a darkened room. Here are some ways that you can add a pop of color to your winter wardrobe:

Patterned boots

Everyone needs a reliable pair of winter boots! However, as versatile as plain black boots are, they’re not the most fun item of your ensemble. If you want to add some excitement to your daily winter outfits, invest in a sturdy pair of patterned boots! Animal print can be an interesting addition to a monotone outfit, while some neon-heeled boots can be the center of attention on a night out.

Colorful turtlenecks

Turtlenecks are a classic winter essential. While it’s important to have some neutral colors like black and white, try looking for colorful options like reds, oranges, and blues! Pair it with some dark jeans and boots throw on your usual winter coat to look gorgeous yet subtle at the same time.

Statement belt

Solid black belts belong to the past—statement belts are all the rage! Create the perfect monotone outfit and pair it with a glittery gold chain belt to add a pop of color around your waist. You can level up an otherwise simple, almost boring outfit into something instantly classier and modern.

Bright makeup

While it’s not a piece of clothing, makeup can really make or break an outfit. Bright makeup is always in style during winter months, especially a bold red lip! Add some bright shadows on the center of your lid and play around with highlighters to look like the beautiful winter goddess you are. You can even experiment with face jewels for when you’re out partying!

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