5 Style Tips for Women in Business

5 Style Tips for Women in Business

How many days a week do you stand in front of your closet trying to decide what to wear? This dilemma is one that many businesswomen face. When it comes to office-wear clothes, most people think of neutral colors and simple styles to keep things “formal.” But we believe otherwise.

How you dress for work helps people form their opinions about you, so why be boring about it? We believe in dressing up for the job you want, not the job you have. Here are some dos and don’ts of work styling for women.

Show Skin to the Bare Minimum

Keeping things professional at work is crucial, which means your clothes shouldn’t be revealing too much of your skin. If you love wearing skirts and dresses to work, pay close attention to their length. Make sure that you're keeping things interesting and mysterious while looking professional at work. And if your clothes have slits, ensure the slit doesn’t sit too high up your thigh.

Opt for a Light Make up Look

Maintaining balance is essential to dress appropriately for work, and the same applies to your makeup. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear bold or bright lip colors. By all means, go for it, but when you do, keep a lighter hand on the eyes.

Professional makeup is supposed to make you look fresh without drawing too much attention to your face.

Ditch those Open-Toed Shoes

Open-toed shoes are considered informal in many ways, making them a misfit for the office place. Save them for other occasions instead, such as the beach or gathering with friends. Regardless of whether you like heels or flats, always opt for close-toed shoes for office wear. There are many styles to consider to keep things interesting, such as kitten heels or rounded toes.

Don’t: Bold Prints

Wearing solid pieces might get boring. Incorporating prints into your office attire is a great way to spruce things up, but stay away from big and bold patterns, such as florals or animal prints. Instead, stick to small prints, such as polka dots or other geometric shapes. Pair these prints with a solid colored blazer and you're good to go!

Don’t Be Afraid of Colors

When we say office wear, most people think of shades of black, brown, or beige. While you can never go wrong with these shades, sometimes it’s fun to wear some other colors, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

Stay away from bright red or pink, but shades of plum, burgundy, and neutral pinks can easily be pulled off at work. Just remember one tip: when you go bold with an outfit, keep a lighter hand on the makeup.

wearing burgundy dress at office

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