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5 Swimsuit Styles Too Cute To Miss Out On

Nothing can elevate your mood more than going swimming! Whether it’s in a private pool with mimosas on the side or a day at the beach as you get your tan on—it’s best to start curating your swimwear collection right now.

Looking cute while swimming is an essential side-job, and let’s be honest, you can never have too many swimsuits. From bright colors to modern cuts, here are all of the prettiest swimsuit styles that you should indulge in:

Sculpted underwire

Classic underwire bra-tops are adorable already, but a gorgeous, sculpted number can really elevate your entire look. The sculpted underwire provides a similar and flattering fit of a normal underwire but has a more dynamic approach. One thing’s for sure; it’s great for showing off on your Instagram!

Keyhole cut-outs

Side cut-outs are slowly being replaced by keyhole cut-outs as a subtle detail in the design. This flattering peek-a-boo situation is strategically placed on your body to level up your simple bikini into something much classier. You can even use it as a multipurpose item in your wardrobe and pair it with some denim shorts and a flowy shrug for a day at the beach.

Asymmetrical silhouettes

One-pieces hold a charm of their own, only to be further elevated by body-hugging, asymmetrical patterns, and cuts around the swimsuit. These silhouettes accentuate your gorgeous curves and transform what would be an otherwise boring swimsuit into something fresh and interesting.

Sexy ties

What can make a bikini better? A waist accentuating tie detail, of course! Delicate belts that wrap around the midsection create amazing detail and provide a subtle yet sensual look to classic bikini styles. You can play around with the designs and create unique patterns each time!

Going retro

Retro-inspired silhouettes are all the rage these days—with square necklines and high-cut briefs, the only thing that can make it even better is retro patterns! Colorful, flowery patterns and bright color combinations can make you glow with confidence as your strut down the sandy shores.

 A woman in an off-the-shoulder blue swimsuit

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