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5 Ways to Style Your Power Suits

Power suits began trending with exaggerated shoulder pads and skirts aimed at American businesswomen in the 1980s. The main aim of a power suit back then was to help make women more “visible” in their workplaces while giving them the power of authority, leadership, and strength.

Today, power suits have become a fashion staple that many A-list celebrities and fashion influencers are seen rocking. However, one drawback of power suits is that they can be too restricting since they can’t be worn all the time. But with these tips, you can make the most of your power suits.

Tees and Sneakers

Power suits are meant to be formal, so they can often be too restricting. However, if you want to add a casual flair to your formal attire, mix and match it with your favorite solid tee and sneakers. And since the athleisure trend is not stopping anytime soon, you’ll fit in perfectly, whether you’re heading out for lunch with friends or running errands.

Belted Style

Take away the formality of your power suit by ditching the blouse underneath and going commando. And instead, overlap the front tabs of your blazer and keep them in place with a belt. You have the choice here to either keep it delicate with a thin belt or go all bold with a thick belt.


Is the day expected to get a little chilly? Then make use of the power suit in your closet by pairing it with a turtleneck. This will keep you nice and warm and on style!

Mesh Bralette

Meeting your friends after a long time or heading out to grab a quick bite with the boyfriend? Make them gasp by pairing your power suit with a mesh bralette to look chic yet elegant. This combo can be quite a show stopper as the mesh bralette will show just the right amount of skin, and the blazer will take over the rest.

Break It Up

If you have quite a collection of power suits that have been biting the dust in the closet, put them to use by breaking up these sets. Follow color contrast style to pair two different sets and patterns of power suits together. If you have checkered power suits, use its blazer with a solid-colored tailored pant to create a brand new outfit.

Woman styling red blazer with white pants

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