6 Tips for Body Positivity

6 Tips for Body Positivity

How many times do you find yourself looking in the mirror and focusing on your hip dips that makes you doubt yourself? Well, for us, it’s probably every other day. Knowing what you dislike about your body is okay, but feeling low and undesirable due to the particular way your body looks, that’s not okay!

We are all blessed with different bodies because that’s what makes us all unique in our own ways. So, it’s important to learn how you can appreciate your body and give it the love it deserves. If you often struggle with body positivity, here are some tips to help.

Good-Bye Self Criticism

When we take a look in the mirror, our attention immediately draws to the things we dislike about our bodies. Instead of doing this, start focusing on the areas you love about your body or consider your best features. Compliment yourself and accept your beauty; that’s the first step toward body positivity.

Throw Your Scale Away

How many times a week do you find yourself on the weighing scale and fretting what you see? One of the biggest misconceptions in the world is associating health with the weighing scale, which can turn the latter into an obsession. Don’t let the scale influence your happiness because that’s just a number. A scale can’t weigh your beauty.

Start Accepting Compliments

When you struggle to accept a compliment, it means you don’t feel worthy of the compliment being given to you. Often, we’ll begin justifying the compliment, such as “thank you, it’s just…”

Just respond with a “thank you,” and accept the compliment. You’re beautiful, and others see it. It’s time for you to see it too!

Donate What Doesn’t Fit

We all have closets full of clothes that don’t fit us anymore. We take them out, try them, torture ourselves for not being as fit as we used to be, which ultimately brings us down altogether. Did you know women spend nearly 16 minutes every day deciding what to wear? Instead of obsessing over fitting in those old clothes, donate them to someone. You’ll feel grateful afterward.


In today’s digital era of social media, we have instant updates on everyone’s life. Who’s getting married, who’s having a child, who’s getting a promotion, and whatnot. This ultimately leads you to compare yourself with others. Everybody is different, and how it responds to change differs, so don’t compare. Others wish to have many features in your body; think about that instead.

People of All Sizes Can be Happy

We have set celebrities and models as our role models and what we aspire to look like. They’re skinny, beautiful, with long shiny hair, and everything you desire to look “beautiful.” But do you think they’re always happy?

Happiness comes from within, not from your appearance. The sooner you understand this; the happier life will become for you.

Three happy women posing in a meadow

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