How Fashion Empowers Women

How Fashion Empowers Women

How many times has your attire made you feel invincible? Confidence is an elusive je ne sais quoi that we are all in a constant scuffle with. Sometimes it's there; sometimes it’s not. But when you wear the right dress, automatically, you feel empowered with confidence, and nothing seems impossible. Do you ever feel that power?

Women’s fashion is constantly evolving and has come a long way from where it began. From relying on shoulder pads and feminine patterns to getting bold and bright, fashion has allowed us women to feel empowered in many ways.

Fashion Allows Your Personality to Shine Through

Empowerment is confidence, and fashion is a fantastic tool that allows you to reflect that. Apart from the basic “trends” that go around in the world, how one chooses to use these trends is based on personal preferences, and that depicts each individual’s personality. Ever wonder why women go shopping when they feel upset? Because fashion allows you to feel good.

It Allows You to Make Your Own Rules

We all know the major fashion dos and don’ts, such as no two bold prints together. This has been the biggest fashion NO, and in the past month, it has become a new trend where you wear two different prints together for a bold statement. This is empowerment because fashion allows you to make your own rules and set new standards.

Creates a Signature Style

Sparing time to discover what suits you and what doesn’t is essential to build self-confidence through fashion. Some styles will always look more flattering on you than other cuts or styles. When you start combining these different bits and pieces together, it allows you to build the signature style that defines YOU. If that’s not empowerment, then what is?

Fashion is Expression

Fashion is not just what you wear, but it’s a language that allows you to express yourself. How you dress expresses your mood, nature, likes and dislikes, and personal beliefs to an extent. When you dress how you feel, you feel like you have control over your day. Using fashion as an expression is empowerment.

Helps You Step Out of the Comfort Zone

New fashion trends appear every other week; this includes some old styles from the past and unique creative designs that you couldn’t imagine. And there are many circumstances when you fall in love with a style that’s totally out of your comfort zone, but you do it. Whether it’s wearing a bold color or a power suit, there’s that fear of being judged yet you go through with it. And powering through these fears is empowerment.

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