How to Change Your Style: A Guide

How to Change Your Style: A Guide

You don’t have to follow all the latest fashion trends to look great. Having a personal style will set you apart and give you a flair like nothing else. So, as winter fades into spring, get rid of those pajamas and sweaters and start thinking about how to reinvent your style.

Here are a few steps that’ll help you strut the streets like a fashion queen:

Find Inspiration

Changing your style starts from finding fashion inspiration. You want to get an idea of the kind of style you want and how to sort through what you have to achieve that look.

A Mood Board Will Help

Finding inspiration can get chaotic, so start organizing a mood board where you can pin the looks of celebrities whose style you like. When you have all the images together, you’ll see the common elements in all of them. Maybe a lot of your models are wearing ruffled tops, or perhaps summer dresses. Use this to start finding clothes for your new look.

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Start Rummaging Through Your Clothes

Now, pick out the pieces that speak to you and see how they can fit your new style. Whatever doesn’t work has to go. It may seem difficult to remove certain pieces but remember, you’ll only wear clothes that you love.

Shop New Pieces

To make the most of your style, you’ll have to shop for a few items. Invest in ruffled tops, shop sundresses online, get neon colors, and matching 2 piece sets. Just, whatever helps you achieve your new look.

A Capsule Wardrobe Helps

Ensure that your wardrobe has a collection of basics that you can mix and match to create new looks. Have a few classic pieces that go with everything like a denim jacket, a few plain T-shirts, a summery dress.

Experiment Away

To really show off your style personality, start experimenting with unique styles. Mix and match items, play with colors, check out the accessories, and work on compiling different prints and textures.

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