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How To Layer Your Jewelry In Different Ways

Jewelry is an extremely versatile accessory—with an infinite number of designs, shapes, metals, and colors out there, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to picking something that you’d like. However, layering your different pieces together can boost your style game in ways that you couldn’t have imagined—you can go from basic to chic by putting on just one more bracelet or necklace!

Here’s how you can add interest to your look by layering your jewelry in different ways:

Go dainty

We’ve got nothing against chunky jewelry, but the key to layering is to work with more delicate pieces. Combining a bunch of chunky pieces together can weigh down your entire look and make you look bigger. Keep your bracelets, rings, and necklaces slim and thin so that you can look classy without seeming overdone.

Pick only one

Keep in touch with your sophisticated side by choosing only one style of jewelry to layer. If you want to layer your necklaces, layer only the necklaces, and the same goes for your bracelets and rings. This will help keep you from over-accessorizing and overwhelming your entire look. However, if all your pieces are super delicate, then it’s okay to indulge in some extra layering!

Go for different lengths

When layering your necklaces, make sure to select pieces with different lengths since you want each one to be on display in a natural way. If they’re all the same length, they’re going to block each other off and get tangled up together. You can also choose different bracelet lengths for the adjustable ones so that you can display them in different places on your arm, rather than having them turn into a jumbled mess at the bottom of your wrist.

Choose different colors, textures, and materials

One of the most fun parts of layering your jewelry is getting to let your creative juices flow! Mix it up with things like diamonds and pearls coupled with a silver chain when it comes to necklaces. If you want to layer bracelets, you can mix different gemstones with dainty bangles or bracelets made out of woven cloth. There’s no limit to your creativity!

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