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How To Mix Patterns To Create A Flirty Look

Just when you think you’ve had enough of fashion experiments and promise to stick to your signature style statement, there comes a new fashion trend that makes you curious to try it out.

While you’re excited to try mixing prints and patterns, it might not be effortless for first-timers to pull it off smoothly, so here’s a guide for you.

Efficient Ways to Mix Patterns

It’s always more effective to incorporate patterns separately because once you become more efficient at mixing a single pattern, you’d continue to become more professional at it.

Wear Pattern Under Neutral Palette

One of the simplest yet elegant ways to mix patterns in your available closet is to pair your prints with something more neutral or solid. Wear the printed pattern underneath a blazer or a suit.

This way, you can utilize your printed clothes even if you don’t like wearing them as a single piece—the neutral upper worn over the pattern cover most of it.

Begin with Subtle Patterns

If you don’t like wearing patterns at all, you can start with subtle pattern clothing like a scarf, handbag, or socks instead of wearing a large, patterned dress or shirt.

Patterned accessories add a unique twist to your look without making you look like you’ve overdone it.

Trust Your Instinct

When it comes to fashion, you need to find your style statement while following your instinct. Wear things that you feel comfortable in and that work out for you. It’s not necessary that a pattern that’s appealing for you will be attractive for the majority, hence listen to your gut feeling.

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Tips for Mixing Patterns

  • Start with simple and classic prints like florals, stripes, and polka-dots. Layer them on a bold print.
  • Don’t worry about matching patterns. Pair bold patterns with plaided shirts and top it up with a blazer or denim jacket, and you’re good to go.
  • Mix patterns of different sizes. Start layering them from small to large clothing items.
  • Use colors efficiently. Mix bold patterns with a vibrant color palette and monochrome outfits with multicolor patterns.

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