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How to Style A Summer Dress In The Winter

One of the most common problems that arise among fashion lovers in the winter is that they’re confused about how to style their summer dresses during cold months. Not everyone has head-to-toe warm outfits, nor do they buy summer dresses just to store them in the closet for half a year.

In such situations, people think of ways to utilize their summer outfits while pairing them up with warm clothes, so they become suitable for the winter. Here are some creative yet stylish ideas you can take inspiration from to style your winter outfits:

Pair Your Dress with Thermal Tights or Leggings

One of the most comfortable yet chic looks to style your summer dresses in winters is by wearing them with fleece-lined tights, cozy leggings, or thermal tights.

It’ll not only keep you warm but will also give your dress a new look and your body the perfect shape.

Leggings or tights allow you to wear short dresses in winter without worrying about catching a cold.

Wear a Hi-Neck Underneath Your Dress

A turtleneck or hi-neck might have sounded absurd in childhood, but it’s one of the staple clothing items in an adult’s wardrobe. Why? Because you can wear them underneath your summer dresses.

Anything like thermals, camisole, turtleneck will keep you warm if you wear it under your dress. It’s one of the easiest yet stylish ways to transform your summer dresses into winter outfits.

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Wear a Jumper Above Your Dress

Layering is an art only few can master. However, we have an easy trick for you. You can wear a jumper over your fitted dress, and you’d be good to go. It’s the perfect way to style your dress while keeping it warm.

Pair a cropped knitted jumper of any color with a fitted bodycon dress and this way you’ll be able to wear your dress all year round.

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