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Top 3 Luxurious Prints This Season

The weather will start warming up soon, and nobody’s more pleased than us because it’s time to start updating our wardrobes! The gentle spring breeze pairs perfectly with a printed summer dress—blossoming flowers at a picnic in a garden, swirling paisley for holiday selfies, and an assortment of gorgeous geometrical shapes for lounging around at home.

This spring brings you the latest offerings from luxurious designers with a slew of artisanal touches such as beading and embroidery taking the cake. Here’s all you need to know!


In a nostalgic move, designers are once again letting us experience the beauty of tie-dye motifs, with the pattern getting featured on almost everything a girl could want. Day dresses, totes, hats, and separates—these staple pieces are going to be seen in tie-dye everywhere you go. While the term may conjure a rainbow image in your head, designers have decided to take a classier and more sophisticated look by sticking to monochromatic pallets and earthy tones.

One-color blends can feel much more elevated, offering more of a grown-up insight into this popular trend.

Scarf prints

Silk scarves were first known to be used in ancient Egyptian times, where Queen Nefertiti wore her famous headdress with one. Modern fashion icons later popularized them from the ‘50s till the ‘70s through various iterations. Tunic tops, maxi dresses, and neck and head scarves—each of them bathed in glamor. With the evolution of the trend over the ‘80s and ‘90s, we saw much preppier motifs, and modern designers have taken inspiration to create a patchwork of heritage prints and patterns inspired by silk scarves.

Scarf prints feel classy and preppy by nature—you can pair them with simple denim or white clothing items and minimal accessories such as classic bags or loafers.


While it’s not the most groundbreaking idea for spring, florals are always lovely. This quintessential print is saturated with bold colors and gorgeous tropical flowers and motifs. Mixing the pattern to introduce more exotic plants and flowers makes more of an impact than the usual daisies and roses we see everywhere.

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